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Control Room (ICCC) and Video Wall Solutions

A command and control center is considered to be the core for managing disasters, respond to inconsistent conditions and various operations in a city. It is even referred to as ‘situation room.’ It is the place where the overall operations of an organization like monitoring, controlling and commanding are carried out. This characteristically secure room is mostly a part of those organizations which calls for the requirement to handle various operations. The CCCs (command and control center) serves its purpose not only to the Government, Military Agencies etc but also to the Departments of Police & Fire, Universities and Utility Companies and much more. To collect vital information, the important communications and systems are connected in such center. It further helps in sharing of decisive commands, warnings, and alerts quite flawlessly in huge numbers.

Our Control Room Solution Design that perfectly complements the control room operator requirements in terms of comfort, work style and technology, for a better and focused work environment that enhances the overall experience of its users and the visitors inside the very exceptional control room design provided by us.

Our designed Control Room Solution is directed towards the functional needs of a control room environment, while it primarily focuses on the comfort of operators to enhance their alertness during operating and controlling the various mission critical 24/7 operations.
Our control room consoles deliver ergonomic excellence along with aesthetically superior designs. Our consoles deliver functional comfort to its users, enhancing their focus for better performance. Our control room console range comprises of fully equipped task specific designs.

We provide the video wall solutions in association with world leading manufacturers of Display systems.
Our solutions include products and technologies suitable for every control room. Catering to industry standards, our display solutions has a premium range of video wall solutions to suit any specific needs of control room. Available in a wide array of sizes, dimensions and range of resolutions our Video wall solutions can be aligned together to create large screens for life-size viewing.

Our Control Solution delivers the 24*7 QRT facility for Seamless Integration of Manpower and Technology for Foolproof Security Solution & immediate response in case of any emergency situation.

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