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Vulnerability Scanning

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is a check of the system resources that include laptops, printers, network devices, applications and so on, across the network – to find vulnerabilities or open points through which hackers can attack the system.

Rooman’s Approach to Vulnerability Scanning 

As a security service provider, Rooman clearly understands and differentiates between a vulnerability scan and penetration testing. As we undertake the challenging task to detect vulnerabilities across your network, we span the entire breadth of the resources in the network, during the scan. We curate the enormous number of vulnerability scanners available today and select the best of the lot that matches your organization’s security needs and network. 

Similar to many security tools that scan ports to see if they are susceptible or tools that can sniff across the network, vulnerability scanning allows you to secure your own network. Hackers can exploit a vulnerability in your system and mount an attack. You must use vulnerability scanning tools to identify and fix these weaknesses before a security breach happens. Small organizations may well try to manage vulnerabilities on their own. But as your internal network grows and you add more resources to your system, it will be difficult to continuously scan and fix vulnerabilities. 

As a security service provider, Rooman works on security tools and remediation techniques all the time. Our security team of experts follow the standardized approach to scan, identify and report on the vulnerabilities in the system. We have a robust report generation process that will collate the vulnerabilities listed by the tool and present it in the priority and format you require. 

Rooman also has in-depth knowledge about standards compliance and the methodology for vulnerability scanning if you want to ensure compliance. For example, a health care organization may have to ensure they meet the security standards Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a financial organization has to comply with the PCI DSS Standard. The vulnerability scanning for a health care network will be different from a scan required for payment gateways. While some systems may have a focus on data confidentiality, other systems may require robust communication between two entities without a breach. For example, in a banking organization, the network communications must be stable and there should be no eavesdropping when a secure transaction is in-progress. 

At Rooman, the first step towards vulnerability scanning is to first understand the vulnerability outcome and assessments that you require. We have a skilled team who ensure remediation and easing the risk of vulnerabilities on-time. They are experts at fixing poor configuration issues and applying software patches for all the hundreds of applications in the network. 

At Rooman, you are guaranteed an excellent security analysis and remediation process. And vulnerability scanning and management is the first step towards a secure and safe system. With our various service plans and agreements, you can opt for the recommended quarterly or a yearly vulnerability assessment package. 


Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.


Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

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