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ISO 27799 Health Informatics


Rooman Technologies has expertise in the ISO 27799 standards for information security management in the health sector.  We enable healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics, and other custodians of health information to ensure their data is secure and reliable. 

Cyber security is the need of the hour and Rooman recognizes the need for data security and integrity in the hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and companies that deal with health care data. By adapting the ISO IT security guidelines, you can be assured of confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal health information in your organization. We enabling health care institutions to keep their patient data private, thereby ensuring patient confidentiality while securing the data and eliminating vulnerabilities.

Health informatics systems have unique demands to remain operational in the face of natural disasters, system failures and denial-of-service attacks. Rooman has the required health care centric security expertise to help protect data across small health clinics, hospitals, institutions and corportates. 

The team at Rooman has certified ISO experts who have diligently followed the evolution of the ISO certification in health care security – from its initial version ISO 27799:2008 to the current ISO 27799:2016. We understand these guidelines and have formed a framework of solutions and services to implement the ISO standards in any health care related institute. Our team have also studied the ISO/IEC 27002 which forms the core of the 27799:2016 standard to come up with unique solutions that meet the current security demands. The changing nature of cyber security technology challenges Rooman to architect solutions quickly and efficiently to protect your healthcare data. 

ISO 27799:2016 specifies a set of detailed controls for managing health information security and provides health information security best practice guidelines.

 ISO 27799:2016 recognizes and sets forth guidelines to protect data in all its forms, storage and transmission methods. Health information data can be captured as words and numbers, sound recordings, drawings, video and medical images. Data can be stored as handwritten content, printed content, or electronic storage. Data can be transmitted or exchanged through hand, via fax, over computer networks or by post. Thus, there is a wide range of areas where data integrity and confidentiality must be maintained. 

At Rooman, our team fully well understands the ISO concerns about the unique threats and vulnerabilities in the health care sector. Vulnerabilities can range from physical issues, use of aging or retired applications, inter-systems operability and sheer volume of data involved. 

At Rooman, we have solutions to key issues in the health sector in areas like:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability


Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.


Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

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