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Infrastructure and Cloud security

Today’s enterprises adopt cloud solutions as business innovation needs surpass the capabilities of on-premises environments. While cloud offers new opportunities to modernize services and transform operations, security and compliance risk remains the greatest barrier to cloud adoption. Combined with the complexity of hybrid- and multi-cloud environments and a shortage of skills, these concerns can be major roadblocks to a cloud-first journey

However, migrating to the cloud introduces new cyber security challenges. You need to retain visibility, control and security as you move to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. At each critical stage of your cloud transformation journey, you need security management to stay ahead of advanced threats.

Integrating cloud into your existing enterprise security program is not just adding a few more controls or point solutions. It requires an assessment of your resources and business needs to develop a fresh approach to your culture and cloud security strategy.

To manage a cohesive hybrid, multi-cloud security program, you need to establish visibility and control.

Rooman’s Cyber security team and experts can help you integrate appropriate controls, orchestrate workload deployment and establish effective threat management.

Rooman’s Cloud Security capabilities includes multiple steps to guide the cloud-first journey to computing security;

  • Implement secure-by-design best practices, threat management, response, and recovery services to securely build, run and manage your applications.
  • Rapidly identify gaps and establish a risk-aligned architecture and roadmap for baseline cloud security that optimizes current technology investments.
  • Get faster time to value and automate deployment of security guardrails for cloud native services including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Optimize detection and streamline cloud security operations. Mitigate risk with cloud service providers to align with regulatory requirements.
  • Monitor public cloud cost effectively and at scale using security tools and use cases to address evolving threats and complex regulatory requirements.
  • Get the right cloud skills and expertise to help design and implement hybrid cloud cyber security best practices based on business needs and regulatory requirements.

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