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Hospital Bed Management Software


Hospital Bed Management Software (HBMS) developed for managing the hospital beds. The Application has got Citizen Interface for Bed request and a bed blocking management system, to assist the Hospial Administration in providing a transparent and efficient bed management system.

Features of the Software

Hospital Bed Management System consist of following modules.

Citizen Interface for Bed Requesting

The said module will allow citizen to directly raise a request for a bed through any IP based system.

Reservation of Bed by the Hospital

The reservation of bed for any patient seeking assistance shall happen through application. However, real time bed availability along with provision of blocking of bed will happen through HBMS by way of API integration with our system.

Admission of Bed by the Hospital – Integration with Hospital Management System (HMS)

Once hospital beds are blocked in the line list the same gets transmitted to the HMS for patient admit by way of API integration with our HBMS application.

Admission of Bed in Hospital

The entire process of bed blocking, admit and discharge at Patient Care Center (PCC) features made available in HBMS.

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