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A collective term for ideas, practices and stratergies that help a company build strong relationships with it's customers.

AxelaCRM is a complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution for small, mid-market and enterprise organizations. Its emphasis on front and back-office integration makes Axela one of the only CRM solutions that provides an all-in-one business solution with a complete view of the customer.

AxelaCRM offers sales force automation, e-commerce, customer data management, service management, partner relationship management, marketing analytics and more. The AxelaCRM for Android and iPhone application extends the functionality of the software to the mobile device.

The analytics functionality is able to integrate back-office metrics and data with front-office operations to provide upper management with a more complete view of their organization. AxelaCRM offers industry-specific variations, its modern architecture and platform allows for personalization and customization.

AxelaCRM offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) only deployment. It operates on a multi-tenant architecture and all information is stored in a secure data center. Axela CRM is also offered as On Premises deployment.

AxelaCRM Features

Visual Sales Reports
Revenue Analytics
Reports Dashboard
Trendline Reports
File Attachments
Email Tracking
Email Notifications
Insightful Email Analytics
Lead Management
Contact Management
Sales Reports
Sales Campaigns
Account Management
Sales Activities


Project Management
Asset Management

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