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Manual Metal Arc Welding/Shielded Metal Arc Welding Welder


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Welcome to this guide of Rooman’s fast paced certification training course to become a Manual Metal Arc welding (MMAW) Welder or also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Welder. 

Metal Welding and The Welder

Welding is an assemblage or a sculptural process for joining materials, metals in this case, by treating the parts with sharp and immense heat. This results in melting of the material at the reaction spot and causes fusion on immediate cooling. The equipment used for welding is called the welding power supply machine in general. Manual Metal Arc Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding (MMAW/SMAW) is a famous welding process used to fuse metals. It is widely used in repair and maintenance industries, construction areas, metal moulding and fabrication factories, production units and so on. The reason for its popularity is mainly because of its simple functionality, versatility and fusing efficiency. Also, because of its cheap equipment cost, quick reaction and adaptability, this method of metal welding is widely popular in amateur fabrication shops, garage units and small businesses. It is extensively practised in such small workshops that require metal welding but cannot employ specialized welding processes due their expensive apparatus.

A welder is the operator of the welding process. He is in charge of fusing materials together with accuracy. He is a technician with appreciable dexterity and precision, who performs metal welding with perfection and swift. A welder’s job is typically similar to sculpting but is very fast paced and intense due to its risky operation, quality and flawless seam expectations.


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At Rooman, we have a team of expert welders who will help you master all aspects of mental arc welding process. We have a well equipped workshop setup to train you become a professional Manual Metal Arc Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding Welder. With our Rooman training, you also get the authorized Rooman certificate that you can proudly display!

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Candidate should have at least class VIII qualification to enrol for this course.

A Brief Introduction About the MMAW/SMAW Welder Course

The MMAW/SMAW Welder course encompasses 3 out of 3 National Occupational Standards (NOS) of “CSC/Q 0204” Qualification Pack issued by “Capital Goods Skill Council”.

This extensive course consists of 3 vast modules that include well planned theory and practical sessions on the MMAW/SMAW process. It also covers training on best practices and work place safety measures required at a welding unit.

The following are the brief objectives of each of the modules:

  • Performing manual metal arc welding/shielded metal arc welding and Oxy-fuel gas cutting operations using a welding machine.
  • Estimate requirements of raw material and different measures such as dimensions, limits, tolerances, and so on. 
  • Maintaining and carrying out preliminary checks.
  • Correcting and calibrating tools for the job. 
  • Learning methods of extracting information from engineering drawing.
  • Measuring critical parameters of machined components and recording inconsistencies.
  • Replacing old tools and storing finished products.  
  • Practicing overall work safety and also, following health and safety standards.

The figure below depicts the brief outline of this training program:

Salient Features of MMAW/SMAW Welder Course

This section gives an overview of each module within the MMAW/SMAW course.

In this module, you will be given a thorough knowledge and training on Manual Metal Arc Welding / Shielded Metal Arc Welding and Oxy-fuel Gas Cutting through theoretical and practical sessions.

You will be given exposure different stages of this process as outlined below:

  • Understanding main features and working parts of MMAW/SMAW welding machine and accessories.
  • Identifying and obtaining job specifications from valid sources. 
  • Identifying raw material, measuring and cutting tools. 
  • Understanding types of measurements and dimensions.
  • Preparing work area for different setups.
  • Performing daily maintenance and housekeeping of welding machine and apparatus.
  • Working on a variety of holding devices like hammer, magnifying glass, spanner and so on.
  • Handling measuring tools like steel rulers, micrometers, venires, gauges, and so on.
  • Fixing and unfixing the job piece using predetermined fixtures or work holding devises.
  • Producing machine components combining different fillet and grove joints. 
  • Practising welding operations using different materials like carbon, low alloy steel and so on.
  • Testing product quality and record defects.

In this unit, you will understand importance of complying with health, safety and environmental regulations at work.

You will be taught about the hazards of working with welding and cutting equipments. You will also be taught to assess the condition of welding leads and setting up earthing arrangements, and so on. You will learn to identify job site hazards like sharp edged heavy tools, gas cylinders, welding radiations, chemicals, fumes, naked wires and so on.

You will be trained to recognise different types of fire and use appropriate fire extinguishers to reduce risk and accidents. Also,

you will get an overall picture of safe working practices and methods of accident management.

You will practise with various protective attire components. A few examples of protective clothing are as follows:

  • Leather or asbestos gloves
  • Flame proof aprons
  • Flame proof overalls buttoned to neck
  • Safety boots
  • Knee pads
  • Particle masks, and so on.
  • In this final module, you will be trained for team work and personality improvement skills. 
  • You will first understand scope of your role and responsibility in the assigned task.
  • You will learn to communicate information effectively and also, clear any doubts in the requirement before starting the task.
  • You will be taught to pay attention to other team mates and consider suggestions in a professional way. 
  • You will learn and practise time management and cover concepts of overall team building techniques.

Course Duration

Rooman Technologies understands the value of your time. We offer many options to manage your schedule and ensure you complete the training with ease.  The total coaching duration is 500 hours with 150 hours of theory session and 350 hours of practical workshop.

Course Duration

Practical Hands-on Training 350 Hrs
Theoretical Training 150 Hrs
Excluding Exam and Assessments

Total Course Duration: 500 Hrs

The Module Wise Distribution of Theory Training Duration is Depicted Below:

The Module Wise Distribution of Practical Training Duration is Depicted Below:

For more details on the course duration and curriculum, click here.

Training Methodology

Rooman Technologies understands the value of your time. We offer many options complete the training with ease and excellence.

Our syllabus and curriculum has been approved by Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council

At Rooman, we have fully certified and trained instructors who will mentor and guide you throughout the course, for both theory and practical sessions.

Some of the key features of our training methods are:

  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Exclusive preparation for Global certification
  • Certified Trainers
  • Well-equipped lab and workshop environment.
  • Hands on Practicals.
  • Discussions and Talks.
  • Perfectly balanced trainer to trainee ratio.
  • Expert talk on the subject, from experienced Mentors. 
  • Periodic Seminars/symposiums.
  • Parents meet for students.
  • Periodic assessment of the trainees
  • Validation and Certification
  • Access to knowledge bank
  • Job Placements
  • Alumni Support for re-certification and job offers.


We conduct lab sessions in a real-time environment.

Our class rooms are well equipped with projectors, laptops and state-of-the art furniture. 

We have conference rooms and lounge areas where students can interact freely with each other and their faculty.

Where do you go from here? – your Career Prospects

The Manual Metal Arc Welding Welder/ Shielded Metal Arc Welding Welder training from Rooman Technologies prepares you for the role of being a self-employed welder who can manage small scale welding projects independently. Also, the course will refine your skills to take up welding tasks in large scale production workshops and move on to become an expert professional of the welding industry.

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