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The Right time to be trained as an Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant from Rooman!


Welcome to this tour of Rooman’s fast paced certification training course to become a Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant

Why do we say this is the ‘right’ time?

Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendants are much in demand in this decade and the next. Virtually every organization in the industry as well as the Government departments are IT enabled and use online systems to interact with their clients. Each application or a portal requires a grievance addressal and support system to help customers. 

Help Desk and Support is a backbone of the industries dealing with consumers of their products. Help desk attendants are therefore much in demand in the present day and coming years ahead.  

Nationwide, there is a digitalization drive across the private and public sectors. There is a ever increasing range of products, application and services in various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Health care, Logistics and Transport,  Education, Manufacturing and small scale industries. All such products require the services of help desk attendants to manage the support tickets and the support infrastructure itself. 

Hiring Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendants will figure prominently in their recruitment agenda, to ensure companies meet their IT support goals. 

At Rooman, we have a team of expert trainers to equip you with the knowledge and information necessary to become an efficient Help Desk Attendant.

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This course encompasses all three National Occupational Standards (NOS) of Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant SSC/Q0110 Qualification Pack issued by IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM. 

With our Rooman training, you also get the authorized certificate From IT-ITES Sector Skills Council, NASSCOM – that you can proudly display!

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  • 10th standard

A Brief Introduction About the Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant Course

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant in the IT-ITeS Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies in the learner:

  • Deal directly with IT service requests/incidents 
  • Manage their work to meet requirements 
  • Maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment 

The course covers all three National Occupational Standards (NOS) of Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant SSC/Q0110 Qualification Pack issued by IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council, NASSCOM, as listed below.

  • Deal directly with IT service requests/incidents
  • Self and Work Management
  • Managing Health and Safety

Salient Features of Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant Course

This section lists some of the key aspects of each of the modules within this course.

Some of the tasks you will learn are: 

  • Identify, monitor, analyze and validate automated alerts and customer Service Requests (SR).
  • Record and acknowledge SRs/incidents using defined tools and procedures.
  • Access the support knowledge base to identify solutions or workarounds for SRs/incidents 
  • Evaluate the suitability of solutions/workarounds, where available. Delegate or escalate the SR to appropriate teams or management as applicable
  • Use guidelines and standard scripts to resolve service requests/incidents within their level of competence and authority 
  • Close SRs with details of the solution provided and customer feedback or inputs. Update Knowledge base accordingly. 
  • Comply with relevant standards, policies, procedures, guidelines and service level agreements (SLAs) when dealing directly with IT service requests/incidents.

For details, click here.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Establish and agree on work requirements with management. 
  • Manage resources effectively and update software as required.
  • Understand requirements of the job role and follow policies and procedures within the organization
  • Manage project schedules and ensure confidentiality of information
  • Maintain workplace cleanliness. 

For details, click here.

As with any job role, you need to learn about compliance, safety and security policies.

This module teaches you the various reporting mechanisms and policies to identify  breaches in health, safety, and security policies and procedures.  You will learn how to identify and correct any hazards that can deal with safely, competently and within the limits of authority. You will learn how to follow the organization’s emergency procedures promptly, calmly, and efficiently  

Apart from this, you will also understand how to identify and recommend opportunities for improving health, safety, and security to the designated person. You must also practise completing any health and safety records legibly and accurately 

For details, click here.

Course Duration

Rooman Technologies understands the value of your time. We offer many options to tailor to your schedule and ensure you complete the training with ease.

Plan 1

Course Duration

4 Hrs Daily - 110 Days

Total: 440Hrs

Plan 2

8 Hrs Daily - 55 Days

Total: 440 Hrs

Course Details

Interested? Dive into the Course Details here:

Training Methodology

At Rooman, we have fully certified and trained instructors who will mentor and guide you throughout the course, from in-class sessions to the final placement.

Some of the key features of our training methods are:

  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Exclusive preparation for Global certification
  • Certified Trainers
  • Well-equipped lab with up-to date systems, equipment and associated software applications
  • Hands on Practicals
  • Discussions and Talks
  • Perfectly balanced trainer to trainee ratio
  • Expert talk on the subject, from experienced mentors. 
  • Periodic seminars/symposiums
  • Parents meet for students

Criteria for assessment for each Qualification Pack (QP) will be created by the Sector Skill Council (SSC). Each performance criteria (PC) will be assigned Theory and Skill/Practical marks proportional to its importance in NOS.
Trainers at Rooman follow the strict assessment criteria outlined by the SSC and build their training and assessment plans based on this outline.

Click here for details.

At Rooman, we also regularly update our knowledge bank with new problems and solutions.

  • Job Placements
  • Alumni Support for re-certification and job offers.


We conduct sessions in a real-time environment.

Our class rooms are well equipped with projectors, laptops and state-of-the art furniture. We meet all the equipment recommendations provided by the IT-ITES Sector Skills Council, NASSCOM.

We have conference rooms and lounge areas where students can interact freely with each other and their faculty.

Where do you go from here? – your Career Prospects

The Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant training helps you in getting jobs in the IT industry, private sectors, and Government sectors.

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