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Go digital… learn to promote your brand online, get social!

Welcome to this tour of Rooman’s fast paced beginners training course on Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a broad term used to include various strategies to improve a brand’s online presence and ensure an effective online communication with customers. As a career, it does not replace the traditional marketing executive’s role. It is rather a prequel to marketing wherein you enable the marketing team to go online, or go digital. In the past few years, digital marketing has split from the main marketing skill set and evolved as a separate career option. 

Digital marketing is still marketing. The medium has shifted from voice calls, bill board ads and traditional methods to a rapidly evolving ecosystem of online tools, methods and brand awareness campaigns in the digital world.

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You can take up this course if you have completed your graduation in any discipline.

A Brief Introduction to the Digital Marketing for Beginners Course

As a beginner in digital marketing, you must first learn the basics of how customers search on the internet and how the search engine itself works. You must detect and calibrate the flow of information across your leads database and your connections in the world of social media. You must know how the popular platforms like Linkedin, twitter, facebook work and how you can create brand awareness here.  Technology changes at a rapid pace and as a marketeer in the digital and online space, you must learn to use new tools and content delivery mechanisms quickly. 

Rooman has carefully crafted the syllabus of this beginner’s course in digital marketing, so that you learn the fundamentals thoroughly. During this course, you will learn about how the internet evolved and how search engines work. Some of the other features included in this course are:

  • Search engine concepts
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing

Some Definitions

The graphic below shows some terms and questions that you will use throughout the course. Rooman Technologies has one of the best exam dumps and knowledge repositories.

UUID - Universally Unique ID


Search Engine Optimization

Active Directory Domain Services


Pay per Click ads


Hypertext Markup Language

Remote access connection

Social Media

Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook



Key terms used for SEO

Rooman has a constantly updated and current knowledge bank for research and learning purposes.


There are no prerequisites to learn digital marketing except a flair and commitment towards learning new methods.

Rooman Knowledge Bank

Rooman Technologies has a constantly updated and current knowledge bank for research and learning purposes.

Salient Features

Some of the topics that we cover in-depth are:

  • Web Technologies and HTML
  • Search Engines
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media strategies
  • Basic marketing concepts
  • Applying marketing skills on twitter, linkedin, snapchat and so on
  • Creating a strategy for social media
  • Understand Technical aspects of SEO like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, mobile SEO
  • Social and local SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Actionable insights
  • Effective email templates
  • Creativity and automation of email campaign
  • Boosting lead conversion

Course Duration

Rooman Technologies understands the value of your time. We offer many options to tailor to your schedule and ensure that you complete the Digital Marketing training with ease.

Plan 1

Course Duration

0 Hrs Daily - 00 Days

Total: 000 Hrs

Plan 2

0 Hrs Daily - 00 Days

Total: 000 Hrs

Course Details

Interested? Check out the details below:

Course Details

Check out the Course details below

Course Fees

Payment Options

Both Online and offline payment option available

Training Methodology

At Rooman, we have fully certified and trained instructors who will mentor and guide you throughout the course, from in-class sessions to the final placement.

Some of the key features of our training methods are:

  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Exclusive preparation for Global certification
  • Certified Trainers
  • Well-equipped lab with up-to date software and hardware 
  • Hands on Practical sessions
  • Understanding of real time project environment.
  • Perfectly balanced trainer to trainee ratio
  • Expert talk on the subject
  • Periodic seminar/symposium
  • Parents meet for students
  • Periodic assessment of the trainees
  • Validation and Certification
  • Access to knowledge bank
  • Job Placements
  • Alumni Support for re-certification and job offers.


Rooman Technologies has spent lots of time, effort and money over the past decades to make the learning sessions enjoyable and award worthy. Here are some key facilities that makes Rooman the best Digital Marketing – Professionals training center in India:

  • We conduct lab sessions in a real-time environment with Digital Marketing course
  • Our class rooms are well equipped with projectors, laptops and state-of-the art furniture.
  • We have conference rooms and lounge areas where students can interact freely with each other and their faculty.

Where do you go from here? – your Career Prospects

The Digital Marketing certification training from Rooman Technologies prepares you for the role of:

  • SEO consultants
  • SEO Specialists
  • Digital marketing consultant
  • PPC Consultant
  • Paid Advertising Specialist
  • PPC Manager
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Creative Director

Rooman works with large, medium and start-up firms to find the best-fit placement for you.

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