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Welcome to this tour of the in-depth course from Rooman Technologies that will earn you a VMWare Certified Associate (VCA) Certification.

Rooman Technologies provides a detailed and job-oriented course curriculum to learn about VMWare products and train you to become a skilled VMWare professional.

We provide best in-Class lectures and live projects. We are one of the best computer hardware, software, and networking training centers in India, with over 20 years of experience in the training and certification domain.

What is the VMWare Certified Associate (VCA) Exam?

The VMWare Certified Associate is a preliminary course suggested for students who wish to enter the network and system administration field. It is a vendor neutral entry-level competency certification applicable across all industries that use computer systems and require networking support.

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Are you interested to join the world of VMWare products?

This course is meant for anyone who is interested in learning about VMWare essentials to gain a foothold into the world of VMWare digital transformation methodologies, networking concepts, design and implementation. 

Contact us if you this sounds interesting to you.

Have you completed a degree in Computer Science, IT, Electronics or related fields?

This course applies to students who have completed a basic course in computer science, IT, electronics with cloud computing or a related field. Experience in VMware ESX Enterprise administration would be an added advantage.

A Brief Introduction to the VMWare Certified Associate Course

The VCA course gives an introduction to various available VMWare networking products. The exam objective is to ensure students are aware of the VMWare products and learn the basics of implementation and maintenance. Some of the aspects that students learn are:

  • Managing Virtual Infrastructure through vSphere and vCenter
  • Creating and Manging Virtual Machines
  • Creating and managing a Standard Switch and a Distributed Switch
  • Managing the Resources to Business Function
  • Monitoring Virtual Infrastructure
  • Managing a Multi-tiered Application
  • Migrating Virtual Machines in vSphere
  • Distributing Virtual Machine Workloads in vSphere
  • High Availability and fault tolerance

The demand for skilled VMWare network support professionals has grown exponentially. The technology community identifies the VCA certification as the perfect entry point into a networking career. 

Out of several other roles, the standard job responsibilities are:

  • Design, install, and administer virtualization (VMware and Hyper-V) products.
  • Regular support of VMware and windows environment by resolving escalated tickets for the internal and external customers.
  • Identify issues and implement solutions to operational issues.

Technical responsibilities of a VMWare engineer include building and administering multiple VMware products across multiple data centers. Engineers on this platform must also know Cisco IOS, EMC Clarion, and EqualLogic PS series. 

Students interested in getting a VCA certification must develop strong analytical skills and learn to troubleshoot issues with a fast turnaround time.

Some Definitions

The infographic below shows few terms that you will be learning throughout the course.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

V cloud air

V cloud air

vSphere Networking

vSphere Networking

Performance monitor

Performance monitor

Data center

Data center

Rooman Technologies has a constantly updated and current knowledge bank for research and learning purposes.



Rooman Knowledge Bank

Rooman Technologies has a constantly updated and current knowledge bank for research and learning purposes.

Salient Features

See the Course Details section for a detailed syllabus. The table below list some of the salient topics covered during the course.

  • Data Center
  • VMware Virtual Infrastructure
  • VMware Tools
  • VMware Remote Console
  • OVF templates
  • vSphere and vCenter
  • Vapp 
  • vRealize Automation and self-service provisioning
  • vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Business
  • Virtual machine compatibility settings
  • Virtual machine options and swap file location
  • Virtual hardware hot-plug
  • svSphere fault tolerance
  • vSphere Networking
  • Virtual Switch
  • Standard Switch
  • Distributed Switch and vSphere Storage Technology
  • Direct Access, NAS, and SAS
  • Multi-Tiered Applications using vSphere vApps
  • vSphere, vMotion, and vSphere Storage 
  • vSphere DRS cluster and resource pools
  • Tasks, Events, and Alarms
  • vApp objects and cloning
  • Power operations
  • Types of cloud computing 
  • SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
  • Private, community, public, and hybrid clouds
  • vCloud Air core services
  • Use cases
  • Troubleshooting network issues. 
  • Types of backup. 
  • Network management product
  • Performance monitor
  • Network testing and monitoring tool

Course Duration

Rooman Technologies understands the value of your time. We offer many options to tailor to your schedule and ensure that you complete the VMWare Certified Associate course with ease.

Plan 1

Course Duration

2 Hrs Daily - 20 Days

Total: 40 Hrs

Plan 2

4 Hrs Daily - 10 Days

Total: 40 Hrs

Course Details

Interested? Dive into the Course Details here:

Course Details

Check out the Course details below

Course Fees

Payment Options

Both Online and offline payment option available

Training Methodology

At Rooman, we have fully certified and trained instructors who will mentor and guide you throughout the course, from in-class sessions to the final placement.

Some of the key features of our training methods are:

  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Exclusive preparation for Global certification
  • Certified Trainers
  • Well-equipped lab with up-to date software and hardware
  • Hands on Practical sessions
  • Understanding of real time project environment.
  • Perfectly balanced trainer to trainee ratio
  • Expert talk on the subject
  • Periodic seminar/symposium
  • Parents meet for students
  • Periodic assessment of the trainees
  • Validation and Certification
  • Access to knowledge bank
  • Job Placements
  • Alumni Support for re-certification and job offers.


Rooman Technologies has spent lots of time, effort and money over the past decades to make the learning sessions enjoyable and award worthy. 

Here are some key facilities that makes Rooman Technologies the best Computer training center in India:

  • We conduct lab sessions in a real-time environment 
  • Our class rooms are well equipped with projectors, laptops and state-of-the art furniture. 
  • We have conference rooms and lounge areas where students can interact freely with each other and their faculty.

Where do you go from here? – your Career Prospects

With the VMWare Certified Associate from Rooman Technologies, you can get various job roles related to a VMware technician, network specialist and many roles that call for on-time support and maintenance of VMWare products. You can work as:

VMware Admin

Networking Associate

Network Specialist

Network Engineer

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