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Red Hat Certified System Administrator - RHCSA

Learn, Practise, Execute, and Prepare real-time! at Rooman Technologies labs for the RHCSA exam!


Welcome to this tour of Rooman’s fast paced certification training course for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam.

The RHCSA or Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam is designed to test your knowledge and skills required in Linux Administration.

This Linux System Administrator course helps you discover the tools used by system administrators in enterprise Linux environments. You learn how to install and configure systems with a variety of Linux distributions.

The RHCSA course equips system administrators with the concepts and depth required to efficiently build and manage a production Linux infrastructure.

Rooman Technologies is here to train you and support you to pass the RHCSA exam. We provide best in-Class lectures and live projects. We are one of the best Red Hat Training & Certification centers in India, with over 20 years of experience in the training and certification domain.

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About RHCE

What is EX 200?

EX 200 is the code for the Identity with RHCSA certification exam from Redhat.


The RHCSA certification is required before you can attempt the next level Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam.

Course Code

The course code for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam is EX 200.

Let’s get to know you – our student, first!​

Are you a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Administrator looking for certification?

Organizations value certifications and we advise you to enrol with us for a flexible learning experience to help you pass the EX 200 exam and get the RHCSA certification.

Are you looking for re-certification?

We offer a fast track course to help you with refreshing the basics and practise difficult topics to help you re-certify yourselves.

Are you a diploma or a graduate professional with some industry experience?

This course applies to you if you have a Diploma, BCA, BE, BTech or any other degree with Computer Networking Knowledge.

A Brief Introduction to Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) – EX 200 Exam

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) – EX 200 exam tests your knowledge of system administration across a wide range of Red Hat environments. Certification programs from Red Hat are valid up to 3 years.

You must score around 210 out of a total of 300 marks to pass the exam. At Rooman, we cover fundamentals and basics of the topics that are part of the Red Hat System Administration I and II (RH124 and RH134) exams. You will learn Linux essentials along with the advanced Linux administration processes to prepare you for the EX 200 exam.

The duration of this exam is around two and a half hours. The EX 200 exam is designed like a practical examination. You have to perform tasks during the examination and the exam does not have any theory questions. Generally, you have to attempt 20 questions. Each candidate receives a different set of questions to demonstrate in the exam.

For the RHCSA exam, the Rooman faculty has devised extensive lab sessions to help you understand the Linux operating system effectively. You can practise commands and procedures till they became intuitive for you!

Some Definitions

The infographic below shows few terms that you will be learning throughout the course.

Vim Editor

Vim Editor

RLM Package files

RLM Package files

ACL - Access Control Lists

ACL - Access Control Lists

UUID - Universally Unique ID

UUID - Universally Unique ID

Rooman has a constantly updated and current knowledge bank for research and learning purposes.


You must complete the Networking (N+) course.

Rooman Knowledge Bank

Rooman Technologies has a constantly updated and current knowledge bank for research and learning purposes.

Salient Features

Some of the topics that we cover in-depth are:

  • Accessing command line using the local console, desktop and bash shell
  • Working with basic commands
  • The VM text editor
  • Basic vim workflow
  • Editing with vim
  • Reading documentation using man and pinfo
  • Getting help from Red Hat
  • Viewing and printing help documentation
  • Redirecting output to a file or program
  • Using the shell prompt and graphical editor
  • Validating network configuration
  • Configuring networking with nmcli
  • Editing network configuration files
  • Managing local user accounts, group accounts, user password aging, and user passwords
  • Configuring expire date for users
  • Activate and inactivate user accounts
  • Managing file system permissions
  • Mounting and unmounting file systems
  • Making links between files
  • Locating files on the system
  • Controlling jobs
  • Killing processes
  • Monitoring process activity
  • Accessing the remote command line with ss
  • Configuring ssh key-based authentication
  • Customizing ssh service configuration
  • Rpm software packages
  • Examining rpm packaging files
  • Different types of RAID levels
  • Using nice and remise to influence process priority
  • Managing priority of Linux processes
  • Securing files with ACLs
  • Controlling access to files with ACLs
  • Enabling and monitoring SELinux
  • Changing Linux modes, Linux contexts and SELinux booleans
  • Creating partition
  • Assigning file system managing swap files
  • Repairing common boot and boot loader issues
  • Resetting a lost root password
  • Introduction to network manager and firewall
  • Working on firewall and network manager

Course Duration

Rooman Technologies understands the value of your time. We offer many options to tailor to your schedule and ensure that you complete the Red Hat Certification training with ease.

Plan 1

Course Duration

2 Hrs Daily - 30 Days

Total: 60 Hrs

Plan 2

6 Hrs Daily - 10 Days

Total: 60 Hrs

Course Details

Interested? Check out the details below:

Course Details

Check out the Course details below

Course Fees

Rs. 15000/-(Fifteen Thousand Only)

Payment Options

Both Online and offline payment option available

Training Methodology

At Rooman, we have fully certified and trained instructors who will mentor and guide you throughout the course, from in-class sessions to the final placement.

Some of the key features of our training methods are:

  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Exclusive preparation for Global certification
  • Certified Trainers
  • Well-equipped lab with up-to date software and hardware
  • Hands on Practical sessions
  • Understanding of real time project environment.
  • Perfectly balanced trainer to trainee ratio
  • Expert talk on the subject
  • Periodic seminar/symposium
  • Parents meet for students
  • Periodic assessment of the trainees
  • Validation and Certification
  • Access to knowledge bank
  • Job Placements
  • Alumni Support for re-certification and job offers.


Rooman Technologies has spent lots of time, effort and money over the past decades to make the learning sessions enjoyable and award worthy. Here are some key facilities that makes Rooman the best Red Hat training center in India:

  • We conduct lab sessions in a real-time environment
  • Our class rooms are well equipped with projectors, laptops and state-of-the art furniture.
  • We have conference rooms and lounge areas where students can interact freely with each other and their faculty.

Where do you go from here? – your Career Prospects

The EX 300 certification training from Rooman Technologies prepares you for the roles like:

Linux System Administrator

Linux System Engineer

Rooman works with large, medium and start-up firms to find the best-fit placement for you.

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