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Solution for the Integration Platform

Low Code AI/ML Integration Platform

Open and versatile. Simple yet comprehensive. An enterprise grade solution for all size businesses for process automation (Low-code/RPA) and for integration of AI/ML solutions from around the world.

Why ARGOS Low-code/RPA

Ease of Use

Intuitive & Easy to build, change & maintain

Business Customization

Use the power of Python SDK to customize any complex Business Requirement

Multi-platform bots

Run bots on all platforms – Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS


Run bots on PC, Virtual machines, Mobile, Tablets

Economical License Pricing

High ROI, More value for money – Bot pricing 1/5 times cheaper than competitors

Future Ready

Use the Restful service to integrate with third party OCR & ML/AI services. Create data lake for Business analytics.

Bloomberg ranks ARGOS LABS as the Core RPA Vendor

Technology Radar
The Robotic Process Automation Edition for 2019
Core RPA vendors – ARGOS LABS*

ARGOS Low-code/RPA Use Cases Table

Legend for the integration icons



Python RPA platform

Python base RPA platform ready for Open-Source + Paid Premium business model


Python plugin architecture gives instantaneous access to all AI/ML resources around the world

In-house bot

Low-code philosophy that allows conversion of freed human resources to the in-house bot administration team


Support all five major operating systems and containerization. (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS --- docker)

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