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Field Technician Computing & Peripherals

Also called "Field Technician", the Installation Technician provides after sale installation support services to customers, typically, at their premises

The individual at work is responsible for installing newly purchased products, troubleshooting system problems and, configuring peripherals such as printers, scanners and network devices.

Minimum Educational Qualifications:

10th Standard Passed

Course Outline:

Engage with customers

  • Interact with the customer prior to visit
  • Understand customer's requirements on visit or prior to visit
  • Suggest possible solutions
  • Complete the documentation
  • Achieve productivity and quality as per company's norms

Install, configure and setup hardware system

  • Understand the installation requirement and install the hardware
  • Configure and install the peripherals
  • Check system functionality
  • Set up the software
  • Complete the installation task and report
  • Interact with customer
  • Interact with superior
  • Achieve productivity and quality as per company's norms

Coordinate with colleagues

  • Interact with supervisor or superior
  • Coordinate with colleagues