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Security Training

Cybersecurity is experiencing enormous growth, as an industry and as a theme in the daily lives of people and businesses using technology. And because our technology keeps changing at an astounding rate, threats are evolving fast too - with cybercriminals finding new and creative ways to exploit users and technology all the time

As technology becomes more integrated in our daily lives and a supporting pillar of the global economy, the cybersecurity skills shortage is becoming more critical and broadly recognized by governments and industry.

This gap is growing larger rather than smaller with some governments forecasting that they will need until 2030 to meet the present demand for security professionals. Combine this with the flow of breaches and the requirement to handle incidents when they occur and there is a competitive scrabble for security professionals.

Businesses should consider their recruitment strategy for these professionals and the industry as a whole needs to make it clear to graduates that there are career prospects in this exciting space.