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  • HealthWISE3 supports four major features; Activity & location monitoring, Vital Health data measurement & update, Fall & Panic situation management and Disease specific management.
  • HealthWISE3 can be applied to create solutions for Elder Care & retirement homes, Post-operative care, Hospitals, Poly Clinics, Remote monitoring of health statistics for people who are geographically spread out or immediately inaccessible to their care takers /guardians.
  • Devices and sensors supported: Activity monitoring (Pedometer, Gyro, in-home movement monitoring), GPS for location monitoring, Vitals measurement (Heart Rate, Pulse Oximeter, BP), Fall detection, Panic button, wearables, etc.
  • HealthWISE3 has also integrated simple home automation devices for elders/disabled people to control home appliances from wearable device like smart watches
  • Available on Cloud and in-premise
  • Both subscription based ad License based deployment & provisioning
  • Modularity to ensure device independence & Web Services based application development
  • Web App available �Mobile App ( WIP)